What is the difference


Lets keep this simple is the key to our operation.

  • We choose to receive the lowest percentage of each booking so we can deliver the best rates to our customers.
  • We use the sites visual space and our social media platforms to freely promote independent artists and up and coming website & graphic designers. 
  • We subscribe to the organic growth business model, and we see the website as a focal point for creativity and expression which focuses on the betterment of the many as opposed to the few.
  • We cap our earnings and feed money back into the promotion of art and creative endeavours, with the ultimate goal of being an online patron of the independent arts.

Thanks for taking the time to read our little blurb. If you know of someone hiring a vehicle anywhere in the world, we would greatly appreciate if you sent them our way. We give them access to the lowest rates and as a kicker you are helping promote a business model which is looking to promote other people and creativity in general.

Thank you

The Access Team. :-)